ICFM6 - International Conference On Flood Management

Data: 17/09/2014 à 19/09/2014
Local: São Paulo - Brazil

Environmental Analysis of Aquidauana River Flood Plain of the Prelude of South Matogrossense's Pantanal: Floods and Risks to Reverberate in Aquidauana/Ms Town (PAP014919)




Vicentina Socorro da Anunciação, Elvira Fátima de Lima Fernandes


Urban Floods


The Aquidauna town is located in the western region of the state of Mato Grosso doSul, Brazil, is considered part of the Plain Pantaneira's Protection Zone. This work seeks to reflectthe environmental vulnerability of floodplain inundation on the right bank of the river Aquidaunawithin the city, emphasizing the degree of risk to which it is exposed population, urban mappingfunction in flood area, identify the intensity of the magnitudes seasonal flooding between 1976 and2013 to determine the chronological time of exceptional magnitude floods occurred in this periodwithin the urban area of the municipality of Aquidauna. To achieve the objectives questionnaires onthe right bank of the river Aquidauna were performed within the floodplain, site visits, job mappingthrough CAD software for design, survey data quota, flow through the system and rainfall atHydro Web system. The results of the study identify flood risks associated with the housing, whichcan be classified in Low - R1, Medium - R2, and High - R3. It was found that the area about 40 %of the homes is in a high risk situation (R3), demonstrating that environmental vulnerabilityassociated with rainfall excesses arising from climatic extremes exposes the society to a criticalsituation and susceptible to frequent flooding , when the magnitude of the water moves toward itsfloodplain flood impacting the Aquidauna town. Becomes plausible structural measures, compliancewith what is established in the legal instruments and the federal, state and municipal levels, as wellas preventive and emergency actions converging minimization and solution to the impacts resultingfrom the demonstrations in the coming episodes of flooding at the climate extreme.

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