ICFM6 - International Conference On Flood Management

Data: 17/09/2014 à 19/09/2014
Local: São Paulo - Brazil

Expert System for Dam Assessment and Emergency Detection (PAP014840)




Marcos de Almeida Leone Filho, Diego Antonio Fonseca Balbi, André Emilio Toscano, Paulo Sérgio Franco Barbosa, Ricardo Menezes Salgado, Luiz Filipe Venturi Vianna, Mateus Neves Barreto


Flood forecasting and early warning systems


This work will present an intelligent system integrated to Cemig's (which is one of the most solid and important groups in the electric energy segment in Brazil) corporate software and data environment. The intent of the expert system presented in this work is to provide a core model that is able to flag the state for each of Cemig's dams given a set of field data. Since the state of a dam could be flagged as being either green, yellow, orange or red, the model should be wise enough to process many inputs such as reservoir level, flood forecasting, data from piezometers (and many other sensors) and even crack reports (which, in this example, might also add a set of subjective data that might be hard to map to real numbers) that are filed at real time, in order to compute the state of the system (the output of the expert model) as being one of these four states. To accomplish this task, the proposed methodology uses a fuzzy rule-based approach to compute the state of the system. However, under some circumstances, those rules might not be available or might be incomplete for some dams, hence the proposed methodology not only uses fuzzy rules to compute the state of the system, but also proposes an approach for auto-generating the rule database when they are absent or incomplete. Therefore, the proposed methodology not only innovates when using expert systems for dams assessment in the Brazilian scope (this technique has been proved to be effective by a couple of researchers worldwide, however, such approach has never been evaluated in the Brazilian river basins and its dams), but also innovates when proposing a totally new concept of auto-generated fuzzy rules. Moreover, the proposed innovative model was designed to be the core element an integrated software which is still under development in the Cemig corporate environment and is called Integrated Mobile-Web Smart System for Dam Assessment and Management". This system is a big framework that intends to create a unique solution to cover the whole spectrum of dam safety management."

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