ICFM6 - International Conference On Flood Management

Data: 17/09/2014 à 19/09/2014
Local: São Paulo - Brazil

Evaluation of the Contribution of Riparian Vegetation in Reducing Surface Flow and Water Quality in Urban Watershed (PAP014815)




Altair Rosa, Luiz Guilherme Quintas Rossigneux, Maria Clara Fava, Roberta Giraldi Romano


Land use and Floods, landslides and erosion


The urban planning focused on environmental issues is a challenge for large urban centers and is becoming increasingly a trend of public planners. Currently, is possible to notice in Brazil that cities are growing without an efficient urban and environmental model of planning, areas considered at risk are being occupied indiscriminately, laws of land use being disobeyed, including river banks, resulting in degradation of riparian vegetation. This kind of vegetation is associated with the water bodies, forming long corridors that have functions as: erosion control, water filtration, flood control, increased biodiversity and contribute to the landscape harmony. With perceptive evaluation of orthophotos obtained in this work it was possible to evaluate the gradual development of riparian vegetation over twenty-five years at a stretch that belongs to the Belém River Basin in Curitiba-PR - BR, this is an urbanized watershed. Concluded that the method used by the riparian vegetation caused a considerable effect on some water quality parameters, as well as collaborating with the containment of floods. Increased water quality and benefits in relation to drainage would be maximized if the riparian vegetation extended along the basin, characterized as an important environmental service and reducing the impact of heavy rainfall in urban areas. Payment for Environmental Services - PES can be seen as an incentive to maintain riparian basins not only in rural but also in urban watersheds, where the impacts of a full cause major damage due to population density.

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