ICFM6 - International Conference On Flood Management

Data: 17/09/2014 à 19/09/2014
Local: São Paulo - Brazil

Detention Shaft for Flood Control in Bandeira Square, Rio De Janeiro - Brazil (PAP014741)




Aluisio Pardo Canholi, Melissa Cristina Pereira Graciosa, Ruy Juji Kubota, Newton Bittencourt, Claudia Maria Miranda de Andrade


Flood risk management in mega cities


Bandeira Square is undoubtedly the most emblematic inundation region in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil. Every year losses achieve the amount of millions considering damage to vehicles, commerce,residences and the disruption of traffic and public services. The 2 ? 10-years flood result water levelshigher than 1.5 meters in Bandeira Square. The structural solution adopted for flood control in Canal doMangue watershed were planned in the context of Rio de Janeiro Urban Drainage Masterplan ? PDMAP(2013), and encompasses detention basins, channel enlargement and a diversion tunnel of Joana River.The Bandeira Square detention shaft, with its 35 meter diameter and 22 meters deep, was built during thelast year and it?s ready for operating in the next rainfall season that, in Rio de Janeiro, takes place fromOctober to March. Its concept and design criteria are presented in this paper.

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