ICFM6 - International Conference On Flood Management

Data: 17/09/2014 à 19/09/2014
Local: São Paulo - Brazil

Control Flooding at Low Areas of Marginal Expressway Tietê River in the City of Sao Paulo, Brazil (PAP014709)




Aluisio Pardo Canholi, william dantas vichete, Jorge T. Ishihara


Urban Floods


The construction of marginal highway to the Tietê River in São Paulo between the Penha?sdam and the Mobile Dam had interference from existing ones and that due to road template; the greidelane under the bridge was lowered. With the lowering these points emerged lows for the Tietê Riverwould become sections restrictions. From the Drainage Master Plan of the Upper Tietê Basin, expandingthe flow capacity the Tietê River through a work of enlargement and lowering of the background,identified the lows that caused restrictions even after the expansion work of the underground channel. Inthese places we adopted the system for protection Polder of the low area as well as in the Netherlands toadopt the same system of protection of their areas situated below sea. In 2010, after the completion ofthe capacity expansion the Tietê River, there was a flood of sites that did not have the protection systemPolder. This study identified and performed the project for implementation of the protection program of thelowland areas of the marginal route the Tietê River in São Paulo, resulting in six protection areas.

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