ICFM6 - International Conference On Flood Management

Data: 17/09/2014 à 19/09/2014
Local: São Paulo - Brazil

The Methodologies for the Flood Control Planning Using Hydropower Reservoirs in Brazil (PAP014381)




Fernanda S. Costa, IGOR PINHEIRO RAUPP, Jorge Machado Damazio, Paulo Diniz Oliveira, LUIZ GUILHERME F. GUILHON


Floods in a changing climate


The continental dimension of Brazil, including basins with large hydropower potential tookthe option of an electrical matrix predominantly hydroelectric (approximately 70% of the Brazilian matrix).One of the particularities of the Interconnected Brazilian Hydrothermal System operation planning is theneed of using part of the volumes of the hydroelectric plants reservoirs as waiting volumes for attenuationof possible floods, avoiding damages to hydro plant?s downstream areas. The consideration of floodcontrol in the reservoirs of hydropower plants is both an opportunity and a challenge, since the two usesof water (hydropower generation and flood control) are conflicting. While the first aims to keep thereservoirs filled at the end of the rainy season to use the water stored during the dry season, the floodcontrol aims to keep the reservoirs empty to store the volume of large floods that may occur during therainy season to avoid damage in downstream areas. To minimize this conflict, Brazil has been developingmethodologies and computational tools for planning reservoir operation considering power generationand flood control. This paper focus on the methodologies and computational tools for planning the floodcontrol operation in the Brazilian power system reservoirs addressing the methodology adopted tocalculate the Waiting Volumes". An application of the methodology and the computational tools will bepresented, using as a case-example the Paraná River basin, located in the southeastern region of Brazil."

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