XXIII SBRH - Simpósio Brasileiro de Recursos Hídricos

Data: 24/11/2019 à 28/11/2019
Local: Foz do Iguaçu - PR
ISSN: 2318-0358
Mais informações: https://eventos.abrh.org.br/xxiiisbrh/

A Hydrosedimentological Response Units map to South America




RENATA BARAO ROSSONI, Fernando Mainardi Fan


Modelagem Hidrossedimentológica


The use of numerical modeling of flow and sediment transport in rivers could be accepted as a great research tool in hydrological and hydrosedimentological problems. The MGB- SED is a sediment generation and transport model coupled into the MGB, a large-scale model, which the watershed is divided into units that represents the factors with major influence on the hydrologic, the Hydrologic Response Units (HRU). With the development of the sediment module, it was necessary to modify the major factors of influence in the sediment yield to have a better model and improve the calibration process of next applications in the sediment research. This paper aims to present a Hydrosedimentological Response Units Map that could be used both in the hydrologic and hydrosedimentologic models. To compose the map, it was used soil texture and land use cover information. The soil texture map used to the base was from FAO, and in more details from IBGE and INTA. The land use cover map used was the GlobCover from ESA, in both the years 2005 and 2009. Finally, the paper presents two maps in two different years (2005 and 2009) with 12 classes of Hydrosedimentological Response Units.

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