XIII ENES - Encontro Nacional de Engenharia de Sedimentos e I PiA - Partículas nas Américas (Particles in the Americas)

Data: 24/09/2018 à 28/09/2018
Local: Vitória-ES
ISSN: 2359-2141
Mais informações: https://www.abrh.org.br/xiiienes/



Sarah Lacerda Farias, Yeda de Lima Sousa, glauber altrão carvalho, CARLOS NOBUYOSHI IDE, THAYNARA DAVALO CENTURIAO




The generation of basic fluvial sediment data is done by hydrosedimentation, which is a quantity of sediments transported through watercourses in a given section. These data are: liquid discharge, suspension, sedimentation of bed and granulometry of sediments in suspension and bed. The purpose of this study was to realize liquid and solid discharge measurements to evaluate sediments transport and aggregate data to compose base in study at Miranda River, region of the Passo do Lontra, city of Corumbá/MS. Measurements were made between October 16 -18, 2017, downstream of ?Base de Estudos do Pantanal?. In the flow measurement, the traditional methodology of half section with the hydrometric windlass was used, being determined 16 verticals with spacing calculated according to width of the river. Bedloads discharge was measured with the Rock-Island type sampler and solid trawl discharge with Helley-Smith. The values of solid discharge of bedload were, respectively: 117.751.18 kg.day-1on first day; 136,374.8 kg.day-1on second Day and 148.195.2 kg. day-1on third day. It can be noticed that these values are approximated among the three days, and some of the differences found in the hydrometric measurements are related to flow depletion, and the differences in sedimentometric analyzes related to possible decrease or increase of turbidity, variations of depths in collected layers and the possible errors of data collect, sample processing and calculation. It is recommended to carry out more elaborate studies with the use of acoustic method with Doppler equipment and the test of other methods of calculations to evaluate which one is more suitable in quantification of solid discharge and characterization of sediment transport from the river basin.

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