XXV SBRH - Simpósio Brasileiro de Recursos Hídricos

Data: 19/11/2023 à 24/11/2023
Local: Centro de Convenções AM Malls - Sergipe
ISSN: 2318-0358
Mais informações: http://www.abrhidro.org.br/xxvsbrh





Danielle de Almeida Bressiani, Raghavan Srinivasan, Rodrigo de Queiroga Miranda, Josicleda Domiciano Galvíncio, Suzana Maria Gico Lima Montenegro, Eduardo Mário Mendiondo


STE02 - Aplicações e perspectivas da modelagem hidrológica com o SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) e SWAT+


The water availability in Brazil varies significantly. These extreme differences highlight the need for effective water resources management across the country, including the use of decision support and ecohydrological simulation tools, such as the Soil & Water Assessment Tool - SWAT. SWAT is an internationally recognized public domain watershed model, used to simulate the quantity and quality of water. It can be used as a tool to predict the different environmental impacts of changes in policy, land use, management, infrastructure, and climate change. In the USA there is the Hydrologic and Water Quality System (HAWQS), which is a web-based interactive water quantity and quality modeling system for the entire country. For the entire Pernambuco State there is the Hydrological Response Unit System of Pernambuco (SUPer), based on the HAWQS system. SUPer and HAWQs are very important and tools to help water resources management. Bressiani et al (2015) reviewed more than 100 studies that used SWAT for different watersheds in Brazil, since then many more papers and studies were developed. This study main goal is to propose the Brazilian Ecohydrological Simulation Tool ? BEST, as a new tool that can aid Watershed Management. As a start point, we developed a uncalibrated BEST for Brazil, and also included in BEST the: Piracicaba, Jaguaribe and São Francisco Basins; and we invite everyone that have conducted SWAT studies in Brazil to do the same, allowing knowledge to build up on knowledge, and therefore to significantly improve the tools for science-based watershed management in Brazil.

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