XXV SBRH - Simpósio Brasileiro de Recursos Hídricos

Data: 19/11/2023 à 24/11/2023
Local: Centro de Convenções AM Malls - Sergipe
ISSN: 2318-0358
Mais informações: http://www.abrhidro.org.br/xxvsbrh

Interwave Analyzer - Investigating the hydrodynamic of lakes from temperature data




RAFAEL DE CARVALHO BUENO, Milan Riha, Tobias Bernward Bleninger, Andreas Lorke


STE16 - Mecânica dos Fluidos Ambiental e Limnologia Física


Biogeochemical fluxes and water masses transport in thermally stratified lakes are often dominated by internal waves. These phenomena are triggered by baroclinic forces generated by the interaction of wind-driven flows and temperature variation along the water column. Although this mechanism is well documented, the complexity of the mathematical tools and concepts engaged in examination of internal waves can make it difficult to establish direct links between internal wave dynamics and biogeochemical cycles or biological processes. This study presents an application of an open-source software developed for the analysis of internal waves and their influence on the hydrodynamics of lakes and reservoirs. Various mathematical tools are combined to improve understanding of how lake ecosystem might be affected by internal waves. The application is carried out with temperature and meteorological data from Lake Milada (Czech Republic), where internal waves have already been detected and the influence of internal seiche on fish distribution has been demonstrated.

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