XV ENES - Encontro Nacional de Engenharia de Sedimentos

Data: 03/10/2022 à 05/10/2022
Local: Campo Grande-MS
ISSN: 2359-2141
Mais informações: https://www.abrhidro.org.br/xvenes

Integração do modelo MGB-SED com a plataforma QGIS






11 - Modelagem hidrossedimentológica


Sediments transport and erosion are important processes for maintenance of ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles. Hydrological models with sediment estimations can provide precious information for the understanding of hydrodynamic changes and the influence of human activities in sediment production, such as land use cover change and reservoir constructions. The MGB-SED is a large-scale hydrological model proposed by Collischonn and Tucci (2001) with a sediment module (Buarque, 2015) to simulate the sedimentation process. The main goal of this study is to present a new tool with an user interface integrated as a plugin in the geographic information system software QGIS, and demonstrated an application for the Sinos River basin. In conclusion, MGB-SED plugin for QGIS is a potential tool available for users interested in hydrological and sediment applications.

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